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Print Head for A-Starjet 7702
Print Head for A-Starjet 7702


 1. DX7 Micro-Piezo Head's Serie Number


DX7 Micro-Piezo Print Head for Large Format Printer


PrintHead for A-Starjet 7701, 02, 03, 01L, 02L, 03L


AKA DX7, it is named by Chinese printer provider.


The print heads were made for Epson desk top printer. We transplant it onto large format printer

on 2008. Since then, the head has been widely used.






 2. DX7 Micro-Piezo Head's Packing




  • 1. Ziplock bag to protect print head

  • 2. Wrapped by EPE cotton 

  • 3. Protect by plastic pot

  • 4. Wrapped by bubble bag



 3.   DX7 Micro-Piezo Head's Delivery Time



 All parts used in A-Starjet printer are in stock. Able to send within 1 days after payment received as long

 as Express Agent is working.



 4.   DX7 Micro-Piezo Head's Return Policy


  All heads are made by Epson. The chance of  head isn't working is extremely little.

  Read connect instruction before connect heads on carriage board




  Contact A-Starjet immedialy and send back head for inspection and we'll replace with new head, 
  freight on us.



 5. DX7 Micro-Piezo Head's Transportation
  • DHL/FedEx/EMS
    Optiona 1, Send by Express agent, the freight will be 20%-40% lower, 
    Optiona 2. Send by Official DHL, 1,2 days faster

  • Value of Commecial Invoice will depend on purpose of sending

 6. DX7 Micro-Piezo Head's Advantages
  •  Print Speed is 10%-15% faster than DX5 cause it can handle higher voltage

  •  1440 Nozzles, same resolution as DX5. Smaller ink drop to provide dilicate image

  •  Much more affordable compare to DX5 while the lifetime is no different

 7. DX7 Micro-Piezo Head's FAQ

  •  What is Encrypted/Coded/Lock Head   
      There are serveral versions DX7 head in market, the 
    original version can be directly used 
      on printer, others cannot be used or need decode.
    How to Identify 

  • Check the last line letters. If the first letter is "A-F", then it's original.  


 8. Why Us
  • Reasonable Price
    Print head is made by Epson, what we do is 
     a). Purchase large quantity and resell
      b). We are resposible for the quality control 

  • Reliability
    We are the R&D manufacturer of A-Starjet series printer. Resell head is make sure client get good head at reasonable price. Not simply for profit.

  • Efficientcy
    Did anyone told you to look for Arthur when you need assistance. 
    I am responsible for your success! Click to log on my Youtube Channel


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