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Eco Solvent Low Odour Ink for Epson DX5 / DX7
Eco Solvent Low Odour Ink for Epson DX5 / DX7


Detailed Product Description:

Ink for Epson Micro-piezo head.

As a R&D manufacturer, we also produce inks for micro-piezo heads with our associate-partner, it can be used on Epson DX4,DX5,DX7 etc.



 1. Packing of Eco Solvent Ink


 You might heard "Liquid is hard to transport because of safty issue".

 Did anyone told you to look for me! 

    Variety packing for Trouble-Free transportation

Solid tight packing for liquid.


 2. Eco Solvent Ink is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT


 Ink is Not Expensive, averagely print one squre meter image consumes 10ml ink.

 The Print Head and Ink Consistency is crucial. After all, printer need print to make revenue. 

 The ink much has good fluency and consistency.

 Two year warantee on HEAD when use A-Starjet ink.


 3.  Eco Solvent Ink's ICC Profile


  ICC needs be made based on PASS, MEDIA, INK.

  Althoug we might not have exactly same media as client.We have made hundred of ICC Profile for  



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